Help with my CV

6 Steps to a Good CV

A good Curriculum Vitae will increase your chances of you getting the job you want. It should be a brief, clear outline of your education, employment, qualifications and experience.  The ideal CV demonstrates that you are suitable for the job.

CV Preparation

The purpose of your CV is to get you an interview.  The most important attribute of a successful CV is that it clearly explains to the reader what is is you can do for them.  When writing your CV, keep the reader in mind. What do you want them to read?

CV Preparation with Capital Recruitment

Purpose of a CV  - Your CV creates the first impression a prospective employer has of you. A good CV is a marketing tool which accurately documents your experience and gives you a better chance of securing an interview.

Do's and Dont's For Your CV

A CV is a marketing document with the purpose of getting the people to interview. Most jobseekers spend hours searching the internet and newspapers to locate ideal jobs only to email a CV that does not represent or market them effectively. These jobseekers are missing one key fact - there will be no interviews if a CV does not do its job which and this means missed opportunities.

How to Make Your CV Stand Out in a Tough Market

Never has a good resume or CV been more important. If you've lost your job recently, you will probably need to re-brand yourself to get back into the job market, as an exact vacancy similar to the one you've left is unlikely to exist elsewhere.



Preparing the Right CV

Your CV is a prospective employer's first introduction to you: So write your CV like a sales brochure; try to think what a time-pressed employer needs to know first and foremost about your skills.

Selling Yourself Using Your Cover Letter

Finding a job can be a job in itself. But what you may not realise is that itís a sales job. To convince hiring managers to invest in the product youíre pitching ó you ó itís important to take full advantage of every marketing tool at your disposal.  


TalkingCV is a 3 dimensional personal profile that will make you standout from the crowd.

The Perfect CV

A good CV in itself cannot get you a job, but since a bad CV can prevent you from even getting an interview, it is worth spending extra time on preparing a document that will really impress prospective employers.  There is an opportunity for some creativity, but not for gimmicks....

Why 95% of CV's Fail

Are you failing to get called for interview and donít know why!!

Looking for a new job can be a frustrating business with many jobseekers falling as quickly as the first hurdle. Some jobseekers struggle and they are unable to secure interviews. If you are struggling for to get called for interviews there can be a number of possible causes which I have outlined below.

Writing a CV

Getting your CV right is vital in your job search. It represents you, and your professionalism, at a glance. It is estimated that employers spend just 7 seconds scanning each CV before they move on to the next one, so it is important to make your CV stick in the hirers mind. Read Osborne Recruitment's tips on writing a CV.

Writing a CV for Human and Machine

When writing a CV it is important to know that your CV will be read by both human and machine. A little knowledge on what this signifies for you means you will get rewarded by being found rather than missed by recruiters.

Writing Cover Letters

Do   Tell the employer why you would be good for the job as opposed to why the job would be good for you.  Do   Try and show that you have done research into the company, itís important to show that you made the effort.  Do  ....Don't...
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